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Marriage & Family Therapy PhD Program
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The Human Development Department
An Exemplary University Department

Our program
is housed in the Department of Human Development, one of the largest departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.  The department is home to graduate programs in Family Studies, Child and Adolescent Development, and Adult Development and Aging, in addition to MFT, making for fertile collaborations between MFT students and faculty, and professors and students in these other areas.  MFT students commonly have assistantships under other Human Development professors, and program students often ask faculty from these other areas to serve on or chair their graduate committees.  (Students also sometimes ask other university faculty whose work relates to their own, such as professors from Educational Research and Evaluation, Women's Studies, Psychology, or Sociology, to serve on their committees as well.)

Non-MFT faculty in the department have expertise in a wide range of subjects, including technology and families, gender roles and diversity; family law and policy; work and family life; child and adolescent development; familial and non-familial relationships; long-term and community-based care; child and adolescent socio-emotional functioning; parent-child relationships; early childhood education and instruction; child and adolescent health, risk, and resilience; families in diverse and vulnerable contexts; family focused prevention and intervention; and sexuality and sexual health.  In addition to our program's family therapy clinic, the department also sponsors an Adult Day Services Center, a Child Development Center for Learning and Research, and is affiliated with the Center for Gerontology.  The department also houses a master's program in MFT at the Falls Church campus.

The department has twice been designated an Exemplary Department by the university, and includes scholars whose work has been recognized in a wide variety of national and international forums.  Department faculty have been editors of major journals in the area of human development, such as Family Relations and the Journal of Gerontology, served as presidents and officers for major professional associations such as the National Council on Family Relations, held named professorships, and advised federal and state governments on child and family policies.  Learn more about our colleagues in the department here.