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   Marriage & Family Therapy PhD Program
For over 30 years our faculty and students have done pathbreaking research that has improved the lives offamilies around the world.  We have brought new insights to eating disorders, infidelity, family dysfunction, parent-child and marital conflict, sexual and ethnic minority families, gender roles, family systems theory and clinical ethics, among many other topics we've studied.  We've used our knowledge to render aid to families in tragedies as varied as the Great Tsunami and several school shootings, and as scholars served as editors for the top journals in our field. Cumulatively our students and faculty have published several hundred articles, to say nothing of the work done by our many graduates.

As teachers we have guided over 120 scholar-clinicians to earn their PhDs, many of whom now teach in programs like ours across the country and around the world.
 They have served as health policy aides to members of Congress, led family medicine departments in major hospitals, championed the needs of minority and single parent families, counseled the victims of abuse.  Your support can help us continue our vital work.
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