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   Marriage & Family Therapy PhD Program

Our students have ranged from new masters graduates to practitioners with decades of experience, and have also included people embarking on new careers. They have come from all cultures, creeds and backgrounds, and worked together in support and harmony.  (Click here to see what countries they've come from.)  Their interests have ranged from spirituality in therapy to ethnic identity, art and family therapy, gender issues, medical family therapy, sports and adventure based interventions, marital enrichment, business consultation, working with children, sexual orientation, and the therapist's use of self, to name only a very few. (Click here to see past dissertations.) Our task has been to help them bring their ideas to life, develop their lives to the fullest, and influence the larger world.

Clinical Pedagogy:
HD 6404 Advanced Systems Theory  
HD 6414 Advanced Traditional Models
HD 6424 Advanced Experiential Models   
HD 6444 Advanced Contemporary Models   
HD 6474 Advanced Professional Seminar   
HD 6434 Advanced Diagnosis & Assessment   
HD 6484 Marriage & Family Therapy Research   
HD 6464 Clinical Supervision of MFT   
Clinical Practice:

HD 5964 Clinical Practicum (200 hours)   
Clinical Internship (500 Hours; 9-12 months off-campus)   
Human Development & Research :

Human Development (6 hours)   
Qualitative & Quantitative research (18)  
Research & Dissertation