Relationships & Resources
What is Marriage & Family Therapy?
All of us have relationships which affect our lives.   Marriage and family therapy (often called MFT) tries to help us live better by showing us how our relationships have shaped our feelings and behavior.   It is recognized as a core mental health discipline by the federal government and has been proven in research to be an effective form of psychotherapy for a wide array of individual and relational problems.   Marriage and family therapists work with individuals, couples, families, and groups.   They adhere firmly to their clients' rights to make their own choices about their lives and abide by a strict ethical code of conduct.
Solution Focused Therapy is a method for helping people resolve difficult issues as efficiently as possible. The British therapy group, Brief, has developed an online tool for users to try to help think through their issues in positive, productive ways. The tool is confidential and many people find it useful in helping them think through their concerns. It is not a substitute for therapy but can be a useful support. 
The oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to relationally based therapy. Its members work with individuals, couples, and families from a relational perspective.   Its website has numerous resources for practitioners, students, and the public, including a directory of U.S. and Canadian family therapists.
Find a trained marriage & family therapist nearest to you anywhere in the world.
The governmental body which licenses and disciplines marriage and family therapists in Virginia. Practitioners who have questions about licensure should contact this agency, as should consumers who have questions or complaints about practitioners.
The accrediting body for marriage and family therapy training.